When I first went to Chiyomi, I was hoping she would help me clear energy that had been stagnant in my system for years, causing serious physical issues. Not only did she clear my energy, she realigned my system, and is helping me attain a deeper understanding and awareness of myself. My physical body is much improved, something I thought would be impossible without more surgery.
—Karen, Seattle

Seminar #2: Sacred Space:

Presence, Attunement, and Resonance in Healing Work

In the loving presence of another we can heal. A secure relationship with a loving partner can provide that. So too, can a compassionate and attuned Healer-Client relationship.

How does one create a safe space that allows another, allows clients to go deep and heal their wounds?

Whether friend, partner, or practitioner, you’ll learn how to let go of defenses and through deep listening, attune first to yourself and then to others.

You’ll develop greater awareness about limiting beliefs and outdated programming that keep you from being as fully present as you long to be.

You’ll practice ways to transcend these limitations whether personal, familial, or cultural.