When I first went to Chiyomi, I was hoping she would help me clear energy that had been stagnant in my system for years, causing serious physical issues. Not only did she clear my energy, she realigned my system, and is helping me attain a deeper understanding and awareness of myself. My physical body is much improved, something I thought would be impossible without more surgery.
—Karen, Seattle

Seminar 1: Sacred Connection

Human Beings need love and care to thrive in the world. Yet many suffer in their current relationships and yearn for greater fulfillment and intimacy — to be seen, to be heard, to be understood. Discover your relationship map — the childhood experiences and beliefs that shape your ability to create the loving, nurturing relationships you long for.

In this workshop You’ll learn about 4 major relationship styles. You’ll identify your style and work with your personal love map. Through awarenesses gained during experientials and discussion, you’ll learn where and how your personal map can be updated for greater fulfillment.

Our physical, mental, and emotional health depends in our early childhood connections. Current brain research reveals much about how humans are hardwired for connection. In the supportive environment of the seminar you’ll explore these early relationships and learn to move beyond defenses and limitations to risk living from your authentic, core self.

By understanding your own love map, you’ll be better equipped professionally to assist clients in identifying and understanding the childhood experiences that shape their love map.