When I first went to Chiyomi, I was hoping she would help me clear energy that had been stagnant in my system for years, causing serious physical issues. Not only did she clear my energy, she realigned my system, and is helping me attain a deeper understanding and awareness of myself. My physical body is much improved, something I thought would be impossible without more surgery.
—Karen, Seattle


How long is a session?

A session usually runs about 60 minutes although you may choose to schedule a 90-minute session.

How does energy healing work?  

So long as energy is flowing smoothly, you experience well being.  When energy is not being taken in properly through the chakras (major energy centers), or flow through the meridians or layers is blocked, you experience physical, emotional, or spiritual symptoms.  

Discomfort or pain is often your first form of guidance that you may be out of balance and not living your best life.  Energy work brings you into harmony and alignment with your life purpose.  

What happens in a session?  

Prior to your arrival, I perceive your energy field and assess the flow of energy through your chakras, meridians, and levels of your field.  Are your chakras functioning properly?  Is your field compressed? Where is there congestion or blocks, where weakness, where is your field out of balance?  This information guides me in your healing session.

I continue to monitor your HEF as we talk about what you are experiencing and what your goal is for the visit.  Each session is tailored to your individual needs and goals.  I may include Energy Medicine exercises, Brennan hands-on healing, sound healing, or guided visualization as well as essential oils.  

What causes our energy field to become unbalanced? 

Stress is certainly a major factor.  Our modern world demands much from each of us and taxes our systems.  Environmental stressors such as pesticides and chemicals, poor nutrition, neglectful or abusive relationships, challenging life experiences, illness, and addictions are some factors that affect our energy field and may lead to physical symptoms.  

You may also be experiencing the world as speeding up; everything seems to be moving faster and it’s challenging to live according to our individual internal rhythm.  Many of us feel like we’re rushing to keep up.

We are spiritual as well as physical beings and so living a meaningful life is important.  Are you living the life you long for?  Work that engages your soul? Relationships that nourish you? If not, this will show up your HEF.  If you’ve wondered ‘Is this all there is?’ then it’s important to explore old patterns or habits that are blocking your growth.  Let’s shift those patterns into new ways that help you thrive.

Does hands-on healing work with traditional medicine or other complementary modalities?

Yes.  You do not need to change what you are doing in any other modalities, traditional or otherwise, when receiving hands-on work.  Since I also work with you regarding emotional, mental, and spiritual blocks and teach you skills to manage your energies better, this holistic approach facilitates your return to wellness.  

How does a distance session work?  

Distance sessions are available for clients who are unable to do in-person sessions — obviously clients who live in other states or countries or at some distance from my office when it is challenging to get here, are temporarily hospitalized or otherwise incapacitated.   

Since energy is beyond time and space and not limited to the 3 dimensions we are so familiar with, healer and client do not need to be in the same physical location for the work to be effective.

Typically at the appointed time, you call me via phone, Skype or Face Time and we talk about what you are experiencing and what’s unfolding for you.  I have read your energy field prior and we might discuss what is showing up in your HEF.  Then you would get into a relaxed position, preferably lying down in bed or a sofa, and I would do the healing much as I would in an in-person session. 

You may or may not experience the energy moving during the session.  Each individual has varying sensitivities: some may simply feel more energetic following the session, others may see colors, or feel the energy flowing in various parts of their body/HEF.  You may also experience emotions.  On the other hand, you may simply fall into a restorative sleep.