When I first went to Chiyomi, I was hoping she would help me clear energy that had been stagnant in my system for years, causing serious physical issues. Not only did she clear my energy, she realigned my system, and is helping me attain a deeper understanding and awareness of myself. My physical body is much improved, something I thought would be impossible without more surgery.
—Karen, Seattle

Chiyomi Yoshida, M.A.

Chiyomi YoshidaIn both my private practice and seminars, I support clients to live from their authentic core and fulfill their purpose on the planet.  I facilitate their journeys to well being and self realization.

I have trained in a variety of modalities including Brennan Healing Science, Energy Medicine with Donna Eden, Sound Healing with Tom Kenyon, and Pranic Healing with Stephen Co.

I studied pre-personal, interpersonal, and transpersonal psychology with the Center for Intentional Living in New York (3 year program), Brennan Integration Work, Gestalt Psychology, Psychodrama, and Energy Psychology.

I bring a rich level of knowledge and skill to my work.

  • Private energy healing practice since 1998
  •  Trained in energy awareness, psychodynamics, interpersonal communication
  •  40+ years  experience as teacher, facilitator, and 15+ as energy worker
  •  Seasoned group leader and facilitator
  • Addresses physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of well-being
  • In-person and distance phone/Skype/FaceTime sessions

I currently offer workshops MET Seminars as well as teach Conscious Conflict Seminars with my colleague John Shordike.

Contact me for in-person or distance healing sessions at chiyomiy@mac.com

or via phone 206-365-3606.

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