When I first went to Chiyomi, I was hoping she would help me clear energy that had been stagnant in my system for years, causing serious physical issues. Not only did she clear my energy, she realigned my system, and is helping me attain a deeper understanding and awareness of myself. My physical body is much improved, something I thought would be impossible without more surgery.
—Karen, Seattle

A Physical, Emotional, Mental
and Spiritual Approach to Healing

buddha-in-snowWhether your issue manifests as 

  • illness or injury, 
  • emotional pain,
  • beliefs that inhibit your self esteem, 
  • or a longing for spiritual connection, 

my hands-on energy work offers relief, support, healing, and peace.

Discomfort, pain, loss of meaning or ennui are often the first forms of guidance calling you to greater consciousness.  In reaching out, you move toward increased well being.  Since ours is an interconnected web of being, when you heal yourself, you help heal the planet.

I work with all 4 dimensions of the Human Energy Field to facilitate your achieving a state of harmony and well being:

  • your Physical Body (the densest form of energy)
  • your Aura composed of chakras, levels, and meridians
  • your Hara which is the level of intentionality
  • your Core Star dimension or soul essence

Together, we will journey into the unfolding mystery of who you are and what is calling for change at this moment of your life. I am your ally and facilitator.

Free Initial Telephone Consultation: 206-365-3606